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Argus CRM

Argus CRM is the sales support for sales agents in FMCG, service, pharmacy, mass caterers, and construction. With Argus CRM, the sales agent can get started quickly, having everything in place, without internet connection.  The application is available for iPad, iPhone, PC and as an app for Windows 10.

Argus CRM gives your sales a great start of the day with full track of scheduled appointments, appointment history, order status, and promotions. You are also in control of your customer appointments without the need for Internet connection. At the end of the day, you can view a summary of your activities and transfer the day’s work to the back office with a simple push of a button.

Some of the benefits

Easy planning with calendar synchronisation
EDI orders to wholesalers and ERPs
Promotional orders for faster order taking
Market issues and market surveys r
Distribution measurements
Measure shelf space percentages
Import of POS data
Registration of appointment activities
Presentation with integrated order taking
Integration with ERPs
Easy management of basic data
Export of data to Excel
Ready-made reports

Argus BI

A comprehensible reporting tool for easy creation of ready-made reports that everyone can access. Manage appointments, orders, listings, market issues, promotion outcomes, and much more. You can also provide access to selected material, even to those who don’t have Argus.

Argus PiX

Argus PiX is a web-based tool for image management, where you can easily track all pictures taken by sales agents, such as before and after a renovation. This allows you to link sales numbers to the pictures. Obviously, you can share the pictures directly from the system, even with those who don’t have Argus.

Argus VCD

In Sweden, we also offer Argus VCD for streamlining the management of article information. The application can easily be integrated with your ERP system and Argus CRM and is verified by GS1, Sweden.

Some of the benefits

Validation of article information to minimise errors
Print article information or save as PDF
Copy article information if you have similar articles
Import Excel and XML files, among others
Send information to Dabas

Argus Presentation

Via Argus Presentation, you can upload PDFs and moving videos and have them uploaded to the right customer. You can also accept orders directly in the presentation. Simply explained, it is an interactive sales catalogue.

Tender Module

This module allows you to manage all quotes and tenders – from start to finish; obviously, with a setup and a printout the wholesalers accept. Create a quote and copy it for other customers. Prices change automatically according to your current pricelists.

You can also load invoices, match them against your tender support, track volumes and financial calculations, and much more.

Inhouse Sales Module

This is where you create call lists for your inhouse sales force, enabling easy follow-up and giving them an overview of today’s calls. If the customer doesn’t answer, the system suggests a new date and time for the phone call, making sure it isn’t forgotten.

Naturally, you can receive and place orders directly in the system.

“If you look at the list of those using Argus today, it’s quite obviously the by far leading sales support system in the Nordic Region. Period. No need to say any more.”

Gjermund Giljarås, Sales Manager, Ferrero Sverige


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