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Nordman is one of the largest producers of sales support systems for FMCG in the Nordic Region. If you own a company like Cloetta, Findus, or Orkla, you’re already using our tools. But why should those with 5, 15, or 50 employees choose us?
To some extent, it’s about the basics, like having to press one button in the system instead of five. It’s about including continuous updates and news. And that more than half of our staff have worked as managers or had sales responsibilities in FMCG. Since we speak the same language, it’s easier for us to provide you with quick and accurate assistance.

Then it’s about all those other things. Like the fact that we can optimise logistics flows and give you tips on what can increase your sales. That, instead of sales support, you get a complete system and a structure for all things related to your customers. And, that we continue to develop together with those who use our services.

So, when you’re ready to try a system that even makes your sales force happy – as one of our customers puts it – please contact us.

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How it all started

An internal CRM system for the Arvid Nordquist Group, an entrepreneurial sales agent and an atomic physics doctoral student who would rather build databases. That’s how Nordman & Co started.

“Argus CRM took its first hesitant steps in 1997. I came in contact with it when I was hired as a sales manager a few years later.

Trying to enter the market with a system that only had one customer, which was also its owner, proved to be a challenge. It took three months before I got to present the system to a prospective customer and another three months before we signed a contract.

We’ve had a clear idea from day one. To create, along with our customers, the system they want. The first few years, there was no limit to development, just as it should be. We built what our customers wanted. This was also when we laid the foundation for the trust we still enjoy today.

After five years, I was involved in acquiring Nordman & Co. We were two employees at the time, Sissi and I. Of course, we had Keyvan Haghighat – the atomic physics doctoral student who would rather build databases – with us as a programmer. I now own Nordman together with him.

I often think back at this time. Professionally, I have never experienced anything harder. The two of us worked around the clock to get it all together, and a few months later, we were finally rewarded.

We landed four new customers and grew the company to five people. We moved from Sundbyberg to Södermalm. We employed another five people and soon we had 50 CRM customers and another 100 VCD customers.

Today, we have offices in Solna and Piteå. We have 19 employees and we have become the largest producer of sales support systems for FMCG in the Nordic Region.”

– Peter Norgren, CEO Vitec Nordman AB

Nordman, the old office
Keyvan and Peter at Nordman
Pocket Argus

“I am happy with everything since there is no hassle. One click of a button and we’re in the order environment.”

Peter Green, Sales Agent & Coach, Metsä Tissue


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